Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to avoid SHIT/BullShit/Bull Crap word in conversation!!!!

i have observed many people use the word "SHIT", "BULLSHIT" ,"*SHIT" ,"BULL CRAP" similar words while having informal conversations. at first i didnt understand that word and after listening that from many ppl i also used it for few times.
   Later i saw the meaning what the words actually means, then felt really bad. because i have stopped using bad words when am studying 8th standard.
  then later i had started avoiding using it and its fine now. but i still see many people using these words. then i felt i should find some way to make the ppl realize to stop using this word. immediately i got a thought, it would be better to write a blog post to convey this.

 the idea is very simple to avoid the usage of this words.
 first open ur to english dictionary and find the meaning of those words really means. as u specifically doing this activity the meaning will get imprint in your mind. whenever the word comes out of mind during conversation just make mind to think of the meaning of the word and utter the meaning in mind. you will feel laughing during starting state but later surely u will feel bad for using such words as ur mind utter the meaning of word u use. then automatically you will stop using this words. am sure this will work when u try to do this.

i saw many ppl use words without knowing the actual meaning of it either the words  would be buzzy or u find ur friends using it alot. but when u actually refer the internals of the words then there will be lots of words that ppl surely will stop using them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Software Engineer/(Labour) Life I

The word or tag Software Engineer sounds too good and many ppl believes its a very good job. lets see :)

i feel once the recession hits US market, it had affected software engg ppl in all parts of the world. in fact i can tell ppl started having lots of problems. its in terms of  salary, job tension, work pressure, visibility competition etc etc..

not sure how the old days of s/w engg used to be. it had created a lots of hype and expectations in the society.
i guess this is one of the root cause for too much of increase in prices in Bangalore. (Not sure whether there will be hike for s/w engg but surely there will be good hike of commodity prices ). for example to travel from Vij to Blr train ticket is appx Rs 350. but to reach in auto from BLR station to home will surely Rs 100+. if u are new to Bangalore it will min Rs 300+.  not only for this there are many places where the cost of things are high when compared to other places. if u argue with anyone on that one reason u can hear form them is ur salaries are too high its not a prob for u ppl to give that little much.
One more good ex is rental houses. really will the rent of houses ll be that much !??? 

   its just becoz ppl were giving to them and made the habit to the others. 
  i feel like its really people are getting exploited from one level to next level. and for sure s.w engg is a bad victim in all the cases.

life of a software engg is not as easy or cake walk as ppl think or assumes. might be it was like that..

Life of a S.W engg starts right from he got placed and kicked directly to the IT Industry. its directly from Student(BE,MCA/[M.Tech]) Life to the SW engg life. 

once he is about to start life as sw engg , 98% he wont  get the job in native. even if he got in native mostly it wont be easy to from home to office. then it makes ppl to start migrating to other starts for living to work( work to live). 

from there the problems for a sw engg starts.

            he/she has to live in different state. there will be lang prob (later it wont be big deal).they has to stay in friends room or relatives house until (a week)  he got aware of surroundings. later he move to hostel or PG (Paying Guest). life starts suck*** from there. ambiance wont be nice. lot hell of Food Problem. he will try to adjust and get-on over these things 

when i just try to elaborate things the content keeps on increasing and getting late to bed but still lots of things i need to share 

Thursday, December 31, 2009

mylife in 2009

i guess this would be the right time to recollect what happened to me in 2009.

 work or office life, i observer lots of difference in this year right from jan to dec. i had kept a target to reach certain goal at end in that when i got review i felt happy that i reached my target well. 
i got Apple IpodTouch 32GB and 16 SanDisk curzer Flash Disk as rewards. those made me happy and given good visibiltiy. its all just my hard work. Hard work with proper planning to achieve targets always wins.

i got a new bike from my father, that's helping me alot with my work schedule. no need to argue with auto wala and no need to wait for long time for cabs, avoided lots of uncomfortable things with it. my dad is gr8 :). met with accident. car came and hit. that's a bad incident with bike. but it had saved me.

at starting of the year i didnt get much time to concentrate on the music. but when new freshers batch had joined they did TGWIN, at the time i felt to give time there and i did my job well and taken that opportunity to continue further to practice with friends. i did good practice at home did some nice recordings. but i feel i still can do alot more . i think 2010 i can give good amount of time to MUSIC, lets see..

when i started playing foozball, i met with many ppl and became friends. i used to play very well at defence. my punch power is too good. but at the last 3 months of the year i lost interest in it and didnt bother about the game at all later. best is I met with many ppl.

i have started understanding the relationships and ppl feelings and actions in IT industry. i had got an good idea about how the things will be now. i did some experiments when i do understand the things. results are mixed. i tried to make my friends understand about the things what i have understood from my observations and experiments.some taken postively. i will continue to work on them further.

at the end of year, Floods in parts of country, YSR death, Telangan crisis in AP affected my mind badly

watched beautiful movies (Avatar 3D and 3idiots)
2009 is good year which had yeilded mixed results in my life. somethings i dont remeber :(
i pray to GOD that 2010 will shower bliss of joy, happiness and fulfill everyone's dream. :) :)

                                                                                                                           Good Bye to 2009. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Feelings part I

Its been long time i didn't write any new post. Its not that am too busy in my work. its just becoz i didn't give more importance to write in this area.

Actually when i have started my blog. I thought i will post only Technical (IT) stuff only. Now i have changed my mind. i want to scribble whatever is there in my mind.

there is one thing which makes me to think all the time. why in Bangalore heavy Traffic Jams will happen. i have been traveling in my Bike (Discover 135cc) for the past 1year.

i got into many big traffic jams n got pissed off a lot. I started thinking what could be the reasons. i found some reasons why such traffic jams ..

many persons(men/women) who drives car,bike don't have proper driving sense, traffic sense and patience.

when i thought about it i have created a quote
"Being Educated is different from behaving as Educated" this had came in flow. why i quoted in such a way is, most of the ppl who drive cars/bikes are from good education background.
some common mistakes they do
1. During evenings most of the go in High-Beam light even its not required at all. They just use it or might not even aware how hard it will hit the opposite drivers and create problems. driving car/bike is not simply keeping leg on accelerator and go on. presence of mind should be used. just becoz we are safely sitting and moving in car, should not at your comfort level. should consider at other persons who is driving in the same/opposite lane.
i observe, many ppl just think whether they are safe or not don't even bother whether other ppl around.


2. Many more i saw them keeps talking in phone driving car with single hand. As its not convenient to drive like that on bike. they have (invented/discovered) a new methodology how to talk while driving. keep the phone on Speaker Mode and insert that phone in helmet near to ear and just move on and talk as if they are designing new world to save this world.

i dont know when they hell they will understand how dangerous it is. They are not only keeping their life in RISK but also the ppl around them. but the ppl around them Neither SHOUT Nor take n throw their mobile when they saw that.

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to load balance Tomcat 5.5 with Apache on Windows

It's rather amazing that I could not find a single how-to that could detail the steps for using the Apache web server to load balance multiple Tomcat 5.5 instances on Windows. I found tons of articles- but they were either for older versions of Tomcat or Apache or for Unix flavors and none were accurate enough. Apache itself has fragmented documentation on the subject, and after much trial and error and pulling of hair, I succeeded.

The least I can do is list the steps here for all others who have had trouble getting it right.
The goal of this blog is to set up two Tomcat 5.5 instances with Apache in front, load balancing them. Please note that this does not cover clustering. I'll save that for another blog once I actually do it :-)
Also, this is not a tutorial on load balancing. It will get you up and running- then you might want to look at the Tomcat documentation to find out what exactly all those options do.

So, this is what you need to download:
1. Apache HTTP server 2.2.4 from The Apache HTTP Server Project. I prefer the zip over the Windows Installer. You are free to choose the Windows Installer if you wish, but modify the service instructions below accordingly.

2. Apache Tomcat 5.5.20 from Apache Tomcat downloads

3. Mod JK Tomcat connector from here. Please note: You want to download the binary- click on JK 1.2 Binary Releases --> win32 --> jk-1.2.21 --> mod_jk-apache-2.2.4.so

Now let's start by installing Tomcat first.

1. Extract the Tomcat zip. Hereafter, the directory you extracted to will be referred to as TOMCAT_HOME

2. Test Tomcat to see that it works. Go to TOMCAT_HOME\bin and run startup.bat
You may need to add an environment variable called CATALINA_HOME which is set to TOMCAT_HOME in case Tomcat fails to start.

3. Open up your browser and access http://localhost:8080/
If you see the default page, then Tomcat Instance 1 is working fine. Shut down Tomcat.

4. Now set this up as a service. Go to your command prompt, change directory to TOMCAT_HOME\bin and set an environment variable called CATALINA_BASE. The value of this variable should again, be TOMCAT_HOME. For example:

SET CATALINA_BASE=C:\Tomcat-5.5.20

Then, execute the following: service install Tomcat5
This will set up the Windows service for Tomcat.

5. Go to your Services and see that Tomcat 5 is listed. Start the service, and then verify again that http://localhost:8080 is up.
That's all for the first Tomcat instance. Now for the second.

1. Make a directory called SecondInstance in TOMCAT_HOME

2. Copy the conf, logs, shared, temp, webapps and work directories from the TOMCAT_HOME directory into the SecondInstance directory.

3. Open up SecondInstance\conf\server.xml in a text editor. We've got to change the port numbers so that they don't conflict with the first instance.
I just incremented by 10 and changed them as follows, but you could use other port numbers:




Change the SSL port if you need it as well.

4. Now set up the second instance to run as a service. Go to the command prompt, change to the TOMCAT_HOME\bin directory. Set the CATALINA_BASE environment variable to TOMCAT_HOME\SecondInstance. For example:

SET CATALINA_BASE=C:\Tomcat5.5.20\SecondInstance
Then, type:
service install SecondTomcat

Go to Services and start the SecondTomcat service. Test it out by pointing your browser to http://localhost:8090/
Works ok? Great! Your second tomcat instance is now ready to be used.

Next, let's set up the Apache HTTP Server. It's pretty simple...

1. Run the installer you downloaded. The standard install will do.

2. Open the Apache Server Monitor and start the web server if it's not already running.

3. Point your browser to http://localhost/ to verify that Apache is running on port 80.

4. Stop Apache.

Finally, we reach mod JK. Let's set it up first just to delegate requests to the two Tomcat instances, and we'll load balance it a bit later.

1. Copy the mod_jk-apache-2.2.4.so to the modules directory in your Apache installation.

2. Rename it to mod_jk.so

3. Open up httpd.conf in the conf directory of your Apache installation in a text edit, and add the following line at the end of the set of LoadModule statements:
LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.so

4. Create a file called workers.properies in the conf directory. Add these lines to it:







This file defines which workers Apache can delegate to. We've listed worker1 and worker 2 to correspond to our two tomcat instances. Remember to set tomcat_home and java_home as well.

5. Specify the worker properties in httpd.conf:

Add these lines just after the LoadModule definitions-

# Path to workers.properties
JkWorkersFile c:/apache2.2/conf/workers.properties

# Path to jk logs
JkLogFile c:/apache2.2/mod_jk.log

# Jk log level [debug/error/info]
JkLogLevel info

# Jk log format
JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y] "

# JkOptions for forwarding
JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompat -ForwardDirectories

# JkRequestLogFormat set the request format
JkRequestLogFormat "%w %V %T"

JkMount /jsp-examples worker1
JkMount /jsp-examples/* worker1

JkMount /tomcat-docs worker2
JkMount /tomcat-docs/* worker2

Defining these tells Apache where to look for definitions of its workers and tells it that any requests for the jsp-examples context should be handed off to the Tomcat instance represented by worker 1, and any requests for tomcat-docs context should be handed off to Tomcat Instance 2, represented by worker 2.

5.5 [Added on April 11 2007]
Edit the server.xml for Tomcat and Tomcat's SecondInstance and add a jvmRoute attribute to the Engine element:

for the first instance and

for the second.

6. Start Tomcat Instance 1 and 2. Start up the Apache webserver. Point your browser to http://localhost/jsp-examples/ and then to http://localhost/tomcat-docs. You should see the respective pages load. To distinguish which Tomcat is serving you the page, the easiest thing to do is edit the index page in the tomcat-docs and jsp-examples of Tomcat 2 and change the title for example. Then you can verify that tomcat-docs is being served only by the second instance.

Thats it!! Apache is now delegating requests to both Tomcats.
Now for our last task- we will load balance it so that Apache distributes load for jsp-examples between both instances of Tomcat. It also serves as a failover mechanism. If Tomcat 1 is down for whatever reason, Apache will automatically keep delegating to Tomcat 2 so your application remains accessible.

Load balancing is a simple configuration. First shut down your Tomcat instances and Apache as well.

1. Open workers.properties in a text editor.

2. Edit it so it looks like this (changed lines in bold)-






We've changed the worker list to a single worker called balancer, and specified that the worker type of balancer is 'lb' or load balancer. The workers it manages are worker1 and worker2 (these do not need to appear in the workers list). And finally, we set the balance method to 'B' or balance by busy factor. Apache will delegate the next request to the Tomcat instance which is least busy. Please note that there are a couple of options for method- consult the Apache/Tomcat documentation which lists out options for workers properties to help you decide the best method for your type of application.

3. Open httpd.conf and comment out the previous JkMount directives. Replace them with these:

JkMount /jsp-examples balancer
JkMount /jsp-examples/* balancer

Very simple- we've just pointed Apache to a single worker- the balancer.

4. Start up both Tomcats and Apache. Access http://localhost/jsp-examples
You will either be served by Tomcat 1 or Tomcat 2. To prove that both are capable of serving, shut down the first instance and refresh your browser. You should be served by instance two.

Congratulations! You've successfully set up Apache load balancing multiple tomcat instances!

SOURCE:- thought-bytes.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

A very good article by Eric Steven Raymond
How to Ask Questions The smart Way.